About Us


Liberty is a Kindergarten through fifth-grade school with an enrollment that averages around 370 students. Our nickname is the Leopards.

Child Care Service is available through the Salem Child Development Center, and we are a district sponsored preschool site. For more information call 503-363-9821.

Liberty was built in 1908, with concrete-steel extensions added in 1978 and 1993. Most schools that have the same name as their community take their name from the community. In Liberty Elementary's case, the opposite seems to be true; the area in south Salem took its name from the school, which got its name for Liberty Street. The street was named at the close of the Civil War, after the idea of freedom.

Our Business Partners 

Our business partners are
, MaPS Credit Union, PGE, Wal-Mart on South Commercial, and Dr. Bruce Sellers of Neighborhood Dentistry.

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